Visit Youtube.com by clicking the link above and vote for the We Got the Beat audition video showcasing some of those who auditioned for the upcoming feature film
On August 1st people gathered from all over the state to see their favorite local bands cover hits from the 80's. It was a memorable night, full of sing-alongs, and great times. Here are the pictures.


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The year is 1983 and Brad Roberts is the top recruited high school quarterback in the nation. He dates the hottest girl in the school and is quite popular, but this isn't the life Brad wants. To prove that he's more than just a hot-shot quarterback, Brad attempts to turn his heavy metal band into the first ever boyband. See how a jock, a stoner, and an ex-figure skater team up with a couple of reject break-dancers from the Bronx to make their mark in this Footloose meets Sixteen Candles edgy teen comedy. In the independent style of Napoleon Dynamite, We Got the Beat pulls no punches and is sure to push, bend, and gyrate the PG-13 genre to a breaking point.

From the director/producer team that brought you Rutland, USA, Freedom Park and the soon to be released teen drama, Still Green, Jon Artigo and Andrea Ajemian are scheduled to begin principal photography on the teen comedy We Got the Beat this August, 2006 in central Massachusetts.

Familiarize yourself with this site to learn how you can get involved with the production. Opportunities include auditioning for the film, volunteering your time, becoming part of the crew, offering a potential location for the shoot, and becoming an extra.

Freedom Park played for a combined 15 weeks at Showcase Cinema, Blackstone Valley Cinema Delux, and various other theaters in the Boston area during the fall of '04.

The cast of Still Green includes both recognizable Hollywood actors as well as Florida based talent, who have starred in such projects as HBO's Band of Brother's and Big Love and feature films such as: Mean Creek, Stolen Summer, But I'm a Cheerleader, Brick, and the Visitation. In addition, our actors have guest starred on television shows including: Smallville, Dawson's Creek, CSI Miami, and Cold Case.