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Casting is still in progress. We will continue casting throughout production. In addition, many of the smaller roles may be cast from our extras on a needed basis. If you are interested in being an extra, please e-mail: and in the subject line write: Extra - Your Name

Please e-mail your headshot and resume to:

considering both SAG and non-union actors. In the subject heading, please write: Teen Female or Teen Male, followed by your name (i.e. Teen Male - Anthony Michael Hall). Thank you.

Send hard copies to:

Artigo/Ajemian Films
44 Portland St. 4th Floor
Worcester, MA 01608

Actors will be notified if needed for call backs.
Additional Roles Please send
There are many other roles available for actors of various ages in this film. The first round of auditions is for teenagers only, as most of the lead roles are for that age range. Please email to submit your headshot and resume for consideration of other roles. Auditions will be held in July for these additional roles. In the subject heading, please write: Additional Roles- Male or Additional Roles- Female, followed by your name (i.e. Additional Roles - Female - Molly Ringwald). Thank you.
QUESTIONS Please email questions to

Extras/Background Talent: Email [email protected] and let us know that you are interested in being an extra in the movie. Please write Extra and then your name (i.e. Extra - George Michael) in the subject heading. There are many scenes where we will need background talent of all types.

Teenage Roles - FEMALES

NOTE: additional teenage roles are available. (i.e. You might audition for Pamela
and hear from us later that you've been cast in a smaller role.)

Head cheerleader, Caucasian, blonde, beautiful, in great shape, high school senior. Pamela is the vindictive ex-girlfriend of Brad Roberts. Gymnastics and/or cheerleading/dance experience a plus. This role requires excellent comedic timing.
Girl next door, Caucasian, sweet and innocent looking, cheerleader, in great shape, brunette, high school senior. Brad's childhood friend who secretly loves him. She is only on the cheerleading team so she can be closer to Brad when he plays football. Gymnastics and/or cheerleading/dance experience a plus.
Kelly Cheerleader, open to all ethnicities,17, petit, athletic, shy yet likeable demeanor. Dates Derrick, who is mean to her. Cheerleading and dance experience a plus.
Featured Cheerleaders Open to all ethnicities. Must have cheerleading/dance or gymnastics experience. All female lead characters are on the cheerleading team, so the featured cheerleaders will be their teammates, and have lots of screen time in the movie. Must look to be in the age range of 15 -18.

Teenage Roles - MALE
bar and title

NOTE: additional teenage roles are available. (i.e. You might audition for Brad
and hear from us later that you've been cast in a smaller role.)

Quaterback of football team, Caucasian, good looking, athletic, great dancer, 18. Brad is regarded by many colleges as the top recruited quarterback in the country. His dancing is more of the hip/hop, boyband type, not the professional jazz or ballet type. Must be able to sing. Good comedic timing a plus. Football experience, acting and singing lessons a plus, but not needed. Brad needs to be the typical cool high school jock, who just happens to be a great singer and dancer. (Lead role)
Harold Long haired, head-banger, stoner type, 18, guitar player. He's Brad's best friend. Loves his heavy metal, but has to transform into a member of a boyband. He's tough and always looks to help others. Guitar playing and long hair a plus. Needs to be able to sing.
Derrick Open to all ethnicities. Wide Receiver, big, cocky, tough guy, 18. Derrick is Brad's good friend in the beginning, but then becomes his enemy. Gets in a lot of fights. Football experience a real plus.
Greg 17 years old. Skinny, Caucasian. Good dancer. Figure skater turned Heavy Metal band member, turned boyband member. Singing and dancing experience a plus. Base guitar experience a plus. No ice-skating necessary, just a detail about his character.
Derf 18 year old African-American. Acts tough by challenging other students to dance-off's in the hallway. The dancing has to be good, but funny. Break dancing ability is required. Singing necessary as Derf becomes part of boyband.
Drill 18 year old, Hispanic friend of Derf. Physical comedy and weird dancing ability is required. He's very silly. Singing necessary as Drill becomes part of boyband.
Open to all ethnicities. We are looking for real high school football players, or recent high school graduates with football experience. Must look to be in the age range of 17-18.