Production Jobs

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions.  The anticipated shooting dates are Friday, August 11th – Friday, September 15th (5 weeks).  The majority of these will be paid positions. 


Script Supervisor
This individual must be available to work full-time during the shoot in August-September. This person is needed to always be on set while scenes are shooting. He/she follows the script as scenes are being shot, making notes when actors change lines, and notifying the director after that particular take. In addition the Script Supervisor is responsible for continuity in the film. This person will make notes from take to take indicating where actors are placing props, at which line they take a sip from their drink, etc. This way each take will be consistent. This person should be extremely organized with a good eye for detail.
2nd Assistant Director
The 2nd A.D. assists the 1st A.D. with running the set. The 2nd A.D. may be in charge of managing all of the production assistants. In addition the 2nd A.D. will most likely be in charge of placing extras in each scene, ensuring that the backgrounds look believable and that from take to take the extras' activities are consistent. This perfect candidate will have an interest in directing, be well organized, and able to handle stressful situations well. This person should also be extremely friendly and easy to talk to.
Make-up Artists
Seeking people with backgrounds in the make-up industry and/or experience in film make-up. We need multiple people to assist in this department and work in August-September during the shoot. In addition, we are looking for a Make-up Department Head to do all the hiring of make-up artists/assistants, manage the schedule, design the make-up for main characters, and train other make-up artists on how to apply each character's make-up. Must have knowledge of styles in early '80's.
Hair Stylist
Seeking hair stylists to work during the shoot, August-September styling actors' hair. Must be skilled in coloring hair, applying extensions, and must be able to consistently make styles look the same on a day to day basis. Knowledge of hair styles in early '80's needed. Also seeking a Department Head for the Hair Department to hire all stylists, design initial styles for all characters, and train stylists on how to make each character come to life each day.
Kraft Services Manager
The Kraft Services area on any film set is the place where the cast and crew go to get snacks, cold drinks, and coffee throughout the day. It is typically a large table set up with various snacks including bagels, granola bars, cereal, fruit, veggies, candy, and various prepared snacks like finger sandwiches or egg rolls. Looking for a person to manage this department, maintain a weekly budget, shop for and prepare snacks and drinks, both cold and hot, and both seek out and manage volunteers. There only needs to be one person at the Kraft Service area at all times, keeping things stocked and the area clean.
Audio Technician
Professional experience required
Boom Operator
Professional experience required
Professional experience required
Professional experience required
Professional experience required
1st A.C.
Professional experience required
2nd A.C.
Professional experience required
Dance Choreographer
Professional experience required
Stunt Coordinator
Professional experience required